Name Abigail Josephine Davies
Date & Time Of Birth 3:59am, Thursday 7th February 2013
Location Of Birth Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
Present At My Birth Mummy, Daddy, Dr Lai
Size At Birth 3.30kg or 7 pounds 4 ounces (thats WAY bigger than my brother !)
Blood Type A+.. Same as Mummy, Daddy & my Big Brother I think.. Not sure about my big Sis, I'll have to check.
Distinctive Bits Looks like i'll have brown eyes where my brother has blue but away from that we could be twins :)
Star Stuff An Aquarian Dragon Tail
Mom Ashley Ann Davies
Dad Ben Davies

Amber Rose Davies

Connor McKay Davies

Grand Parents Candace McGibeny
Valerie & David Barlow
Martin & Natasha Davies
Great Grand Parents ! Betty McKay
Aunts & Uncles Amanda Bairstow
Tom McGibeny
Sarah & Henry Otley
Benjo Martin
Cousins Derek Bairstow (4)
Harry & Jake Otley (6)
Grayson McGibeny (0)
Honorary God Parent The "Wonderfully Bad Influence" Jaymee Ong
# Of Diapers In First 24hrs TBA
# Of Feeds In First 24hrs TBA
Currently I Weigh 6.25 kg !!!
Currently I Am 8 Weeks Old & 62cm tall !!!
First Haircut TBA
First Crawl TBA
First Steps TBA
First Walk TBA
First Tooth TBA
First Word TBA
First Favourite Toys TBA
Current Favourite Toy TBA
Favourite Movie TBA
Really Important Stuff TBA
People Say I Look Like TBA
Where I've Been

Before I was born I visited :

Daytona Beach, Fl

Port Dickson, Malaysia

I feel truly blessed to have been born to parents who love me, who can keep me healthy and who can give me every advantage in the world as I grow, given this I’ve spoken with Mom & Dad and convinced them that its only right to share my good fortune with others less fortunate than myself. I’ve donated all my pocket money from the last 9 months to Children International ( and am close to convincing Dad to sponsor another child going forward. In liew of any flowers or gifts please consider joining me in helping others if you possibly can.